What dolls are available?
Nia is the first and only doll.

How long is shipping?
Up to 3- 5 days to process order. Then an additional 5-10 max for shipping !

Can you make me a custom Doll?
We do not offer custom dolls, but you can order the COIL Beauty Dolls Nia here and style her to your liking.

Can we use real hair care products in Nia's hair?
Yep, but very little, use mostly your spray water bottle! Think of her hair like a flower that needs more water than anything! But just like your hair, Nia ’s hair needs TLC. If you use light products, be sure to detangle, retwist, wash and let her relax! Also understand she has a tighter texture, so you dont want to put to much hair product in her hair as it could lead to product build up! Nia's hair is gentle flower, treat it as such.

Questions or issues?

Questions about our products or your order?
We've got the answer in the FAQ and you can contact our customer service email if you need further assistance.

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